Military Spouse

Turn Your Next Job Into A Lifelong Career

We Value Your Contribution

Being a military spouse is a tough job in itself. The on-the-go lifestyle that comes with relocations and deployments can be challenging for you and your family. Still, we know you’d like to have a career that fulfills you. That’s why Insurance Agency Owners are proud to extend job opportunities to military spouses.

We Value Your Skills

IYour invaluable role as a military spouse translates to a career at an Insurance Agency Owner’s office. Our Agency Owners value the traits you possess — dedication, resilience and the ability to focus on the task at hand. Being a key player lets you develop personal relationships, which helps you support customers when they face changes in their lives and during their times of need.
Your responsibilities include:
  • Being a team player to help grow the agency
  • Achieving goals and being organized and efficient
  • Offering insurance and financial products to help customers protect their cars, homes, lives and retirement incomes
  • Ensuring customers have a great claim experience
  • Helping make sure customers have the right protection

Application Process

Join forces with Team Hired’s Hiring Heroes Job Placement Program . Click below to learn about our licensing program and apply today. One of our talent representatives will get back to you.

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