Virtual Assistant

Don’t let the little stuff add up big

Your Team Hired Assistant is a certified chaos wrangler who helps you focus on what you do best


Small task work to keep on top of a few things.
$ 449 /mo
  • 12 Hours of Task Work Per Month
  • 1 User Included


Project work that goes beyond inbox & scheduling.
$ 749 /mo
  • 24 Hours of Task Work Per Month
  • 2 Users Included
16% discount


Operational help for everyday business tasks.
$ 1099 /mo
  • 36 Hours of Task Work Per Month
  • 3 Users Included
18% Discount


Built to handle the most demanding workloads.
$ 1499 /mo
  • 50 Hours of Task Work Per Month
  • 5 Users Included
20% Discount

Why are you hiring yourself to do email and data entry?

Every plan, project, and strategy is just a puff of smoke if you can’t find time to do it. When you’re overwhelmed and exhausted, you can’t serve your customers or your team properly.

Your productivity and results depend on what you don’t do

Get stuff off your plate

If you’ve never worked with a virtual assistant before, no problem. We know exactly how to help business owners and executives get back hours of time.

Add trained hands

You’ve got some smart processes already running, but there just aren’t enough people to help out, so work gets stalled. We unblock your team.

Dedicated assistant you’ll work with regularly

Support from others for specialized tasks

One monthly fee based on number of hours

Get expert help in more ways

Your dedicated Team Hired Assistant can help with many other administrative tasks. But if at any time, you need something outside their specialty, they can get hands-on support from another Team Hired Assistant with more experience in that task.

Expenses & Invoices

Report & organize expenses, send invoices

Social Media Strategy

Create posts & grow your followings


Help you make smarter decisions in less time

Data Entry

Enter data in your CMS, CRM, etc.


Send email campaigns & surveys, update blogs

Event Planning

Research & book vendors, manage guest lists

Travel Booking

Find the best deals on flights, hotels, and ground

Website Maintenance

Manage small updates and changes to your site

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