How to Attract the Best Employees: The Secret Sauce to Hiring Talented Employees in a Tight Market

No one wants to work in a bad office. But, more than that, good employees want to work in offices that feel like a good place to be. And the way you create that atmosphere is by showing how you’ll take care of them. This means creating a culture that matches the company’s values and showing how you’ll make them feel not just valued, but important. It’s no secret that companies are competing for top talent these days. That’s why companies are constantly looking for more ways to stand out from their competitors. Here are some of the best ways to attract the best employees and make your office feel like a good place to be.

Be transparent

Transparency is one of the most important aspects to creating a culture. That’s why transparency is the first thing on our list. People want to know what they’re getting into when they start a new job, and sometimes that means knowing what their salary will be and how it will increase over time. They also want to know about vacation time, work hours, and overtime opportunities. By being transparent about these things you make yourself stand out from the competition because you are showing your employees that you care about them and value their time. You’re also showing them that there is room for them to grow in your company which will make them more likely to stay.

Make your employees feel heard

It’s tempting to get caught up in the day-to-day of running your business and forget about the importance of listening to your employees. But, if you want to attract the best employees, it’s vital that you make them feel heard. Listening means understanding their goals and values, what motivates them and what they find rewarding. There are many ways to make sure employees feel heard, from regular one-on-one meetings to soliciting feedback online or through employee surveys. When they know that they can share their thoughts with you, they’ll feel more invested in your company (and more motivated).  In a tight market for talent, there is no substitute for giving people a voice. If your employees feel like they’re part of a community and not just worker bees meant to do as they’re told, they’ll be more likely to stick around. Not only will this help you retain talent, but it will also help you find the people who are a good fit for your company culture–something that could be critical when competing for top talent in an oversaturated market.

Be spontaneous

The number one way to make your office a place where people want to work is by being spontaneous and fun. Make sure that you’re inviting employees and clients to events, happy hours, and company outings. When they attend these events and feel like they’re more than just a worker, they’ll begin to feel like they matter. It’s also a great way to keep your employees excited about coming into the office every day.

Create a flexible work environment

The demands of the modern workforce are constantly changing. And because of that, employees want to work in environments that match their needs. With a flexible work environment, you give your employees more freedom to work when they feel like it and to take care of themselves outside of the office. This can go a long way in attracting talented employees.

Match your office’s culture

The best way to attract talent and make your office feel like a good place to be is by matching your office culture. This means creating a culture that matches the company’s values and showing how you’ll make them feel not just valued, but important. How can you do this?  One of the best ways is to communicate clearly what your company embodies. What are its values? How will it help employees grow professionally and personally? What are the benefits of working there? Another thing you can do is create a team-building atmosphere. You don’t have to be an extrovert to show that you care about employees. One way to do this might be hosting monthly potluck lunches or team outings for everyone in the office. Showing that everyone in the office matters will help foster a sense of community that can lead to long-term benefits for both employers and employees alike.


The secret sauce to hiring talented employees in a tight market is to be a company that your employees want to work for. You can do this by being transparent, making your employees feel heard, being spontaneous and finding a way to create a work environment that matches your office culture.

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